Tide Chic in a Chambray Kimono

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve had a few bad experiences washing special articles of clothing at home. The tags may not say “dry clean only” but sometimes they really should! After ruining a few items of clothing, I often defer to dry cleaning out of fear and most likely spend more money than I need to. My friends at Tide recently challenged me to give regular home laundering a try once again. I accepted the challenge and picked out an outfit that I would normally hand wash or dry clean – this delicate airy sundress and a soft chambray kimono.


Dress: Aritzia, Kimono: Aritzia, Hat: Aritzia, Shoes: Le Chateau

The labels recommend hand washing on these items but I defied those rules and washed them using the gentle cycle in my washing machine, cold water, Tide Pod detergent and Downy Fabric Conditioner.

Turns out, they’re surprisingly washable!

Some things (like beaded gowns or structured coats) should always go to the dry cleaner, but you’d be surprised how much of your closet is actually washable. The combination of Tide Pods and Downy Fabric Conditioner not only provided my outfit with a thorough cleansing, but maintained the delicate and soft nature of their fabrics. I typically wouldn’t use fabric softener, but with these fabrics, it was recommended and I’m officially converted! I could feel the softness of my clothing and they felt brand new. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t skip conditioner after you shampoo your hair would you?

After washing, I simply laid my clothing out to dry and then steamed them for a wrinkle-free finish – good as new! I’m going to take care of my favourite fashions and save so much money on dry cleaning with the combination of Tide Pods and Downy.

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2554 2534I encourage you to trust your laundry room again with Tide Pods and Downy Fabric Conditioner! Share your #TideChic outfits on social media and tag @Tide on Facebook or Twitter and @TideLaundry on Instagram.
Photos by Aleyah Solomon


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