It’s casual Friday in my office and while I always wear dainty dresses, I break out the jeans for Friday’s at work and weekends. I’m sure we’ve all seen people who take casual Fridays WAY too far, wearing ripped jeans, super casual (and sometimes stained) tees and converse sneakers, but I tend to believe that casual Friday in the workplace should still be “business casual”. Interpreting business casual is often difficult, but I usually lean towards dark jeans (no rips), a nice blouse or sweater, perhaps a blazer and nice shoes (either heels or riding boots).

Today, I’m wearing this sweet new peplum blouse I got from H&M in NYC. The fabric is thick and stretchy, hugging all the right curves and the peplum makes it dainty and hides the hips!

I’m pairing the blouse with dark blue skinny jeans (skinnies are always my go-to when it comes to jeans). BTW – I got the skinny jeans I’m wearing from Forever 21 for $12!

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