Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

While I wasn’t able to attend New York Fashion Week, I followed it closely. I do plan on attending Toronto Fashion Week in March and hope that one day, I’ll be able to check out the coveted and elite New York, Paris and London shows as well! There were many new trends on the runway at NYFW and some repeats as well; here are some of my faves…


Pleats: The use of pleats in all colors and styles was in full effect at NYFW. From elegant pleated maxi-skirts with simple tees for a casual, bohemian look to high-waisted pleated skirts with tie-neck blouses (the ascot trend was also pretty hot on the runways). I particularly loved Christian Siriano’s citrine maxi number (pictured below, left).

Color Blocking & Neon: The color-blocking trend isn’t going anywhere and neon is here to stay! From Victoria Beckham’s sleek sheaths to Marc Jacobs’ mod shift shirt dresses, the play with contrast is hotter than ever!

Peplums: Pretty skirt peplums are back in style all the way from the 80’s! I’m loving this trend and we’re seeing it in pencil skirts and dresses perfect for every silhouette. The peplum can emphasize your waistline while hiding problem areas (or a big lunch).

Art Deco: The art deco trend took the Spring 2012 runways by storm. Sleek silhouettes featuring geometric designs and bold colours. Taking a cue from the art deco era, many pieces didn’t just boast the patterns, but the style of the 1920’s as well: drop waists, column dresses and beaded fringe. Black and blue combos were also very prominent.

Orange: Orange was a contrasting hit on the red carpet for Spring ’12. From soft yet vibrant chiffon gowns to sharp and short mod silhouettes, this trend garnered many admirers – I have already purchased two spring dresses in orange!

Fishtails: Hi-low dresses with the short-in-front long-in-back hem, were another big trend seen at NYFW .When I first heard about this trend, I didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s really growing on me! I actually bought a fishtail dress in NYC and I love the way I can show off a little leg and great shoes while the fishtail flows behind me.

Florals: Not a big surprise, I think every Spring runway sees the floral trend year after year and this year was no different! Everything’s coming up roses and head to toe floral prints are all over the runways. I for one love the floral skinny pant/jean trend.

Crop Tops: Time to do some crunches because the crop tops of the 90’s are back! These crop tops can be worn loosely with high-waisted bottoms to emphasize a slim waist or with a fitted blazer for a more demure look. You can even expose a sliver of bare stomach if you dare! Bra tops were also big on the runways this year, but I don’t think I’ll be following that trend!

My least favourite trend on the NYFW runway this year: Sporty Chic. Racing stipes, drawstrings, severe lines, chevrons with leather and vinyl accents are a bit too ESPN for me and I’d rather keep them for the gym!

In addition to the trends showcased above, we also saw a lot of pastels, metallics, pink and yellow colour themes as well as mesh textures, eastern influences, exposed shoulders and asymmetrical shapes. Shirt dresses, menswear style suits and blazers were also popular, but they’re a safe bet for every runway in my opinion.

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