With the holidays behind us, I thought it would be fun to look back on my favourite holiday dresses! With lots of holiday parties throughout November and December, I needed a few dresses to impress last year!

I shopped my favourite online boutiques, pulled out some staples from my closet and simply window shopped some others (I love building wish lists). For the winter 2011 holiday season, I was looking for rich patterns and textures, lace, jewel tones, A-line skirts and sparkly embellishments .

I’m pleased to present the lovely dresses I purchased, wore and some that I just drooled over! View Post

Hello! This is my first blog post…EVER.

A little nervous, but mostly excited and can’t wait to share my discoveries with other dainty girls out there!

I’m always working, browsing or shopping online anyway…so I might as well contribute!

I’ll use this space to talk about shopping and fashion…no, not runway couture, but affordable, stylish, unique and of course dainty clothing. I love to shop online, but also frequent some local boutiques and recognizable brand stores – all in an effort to put together outfits that make me feel special and set me apart against the rest.

You’ll also read about beauty: skincare, makeup, hair and nails. I’ve pretty much had the entire drug store in my cupboard at some point – I can’t help myself! I love to try the latest moisturizer, lip gloss, mascara, nail polish, shampoo…okay you get it. Plus, a few years ago, Sephora came to Canada and changed my life, so I’ll be writing about some amazing higher end products too.

If fashion and beauty doesn’t tickle your fancy – never fear, there will be other dainty things to share with you! I have many cooking and baking adventures in my kitchen and love to share my experiences and recipes. This dainty girl also loves taking photos and travelling (even better when combined) and I am a serious pop culture junkie devouring TV shows, movies and music like it’s nobody’s business. I planned and styled my own wedding last September and I’ll never stop loving bridal bliss so I’ll be sharing wedding stories and promoting some incredible vendors on my blog too.

Whatever the topic, you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll find a way to tie it back to my dainty passion – dresses. I can’t wait to share some of my cutest discoveries and tell you how to find them too. Just to give you an idea of how many dresses I own, check out this fun collage!