My flight leaves for NYC today at 4pm and I’ve got my shopping wishlists all ready! Even though Urban Outfitters has stores in Toronto, I find that they have a wider selection in the States so I always try to shop my wishlist when I visit NYC. Urban Outfitters is known for hip, kitschy merchandise but they also have an adorable selection of dainty dresses!

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Dainty Girl is going to New York City tomorrow!!! I’m so excited :) I took my first trip to NYC two years ago and have been back 6 times since! It’s pretty addictive with such wonderful shopping, restaurants and nightlife. I LOVE Macy’s at Herald Square and shopping the boutiques in Soho. NYC is the only city where I wish there were 10 meals per day so I can try more delicious restaurants! Definitely need to get some Grimaldi’s pizza (BEST EVER) and for this visit, I’m hoping to try Mario Batali’s Eataly and have some fresh Mexican at Dos Caminos.

I’ll be sure to Tweet updates while I’m there and post my adventures when I’m back on Tuesday! Special thanks to the lovely Jenn Brown for being my host (and a great friend) while I’m there! xoxo

Every girl loves to get a manicure and I’m no exception! The trouble is, after spending $20-$40 on the professional service (depending on the salon/spa), my beautiful manicure gets chipped after a couple of days. I know you’ve all experienced this frustration and frankly, this waste of money. I feel the same frustration when I spend an hour at home filing and painting my nails and subsequently smudging it before it’s dry or chipping it a day later.

About a year and a half ago, my local nail bar, The 10 Spot started advertising a new “indestructible manicure” by OPI called Axxium. Immediately, I was intrigued and took to Google to learn more. I learned that it’s a gel based nail polish that is cured in stages under a UV light. Once the mani is complete, it’s 100% dry with no risk of smudging or denting. It’s not indestructible forever, but it is for about 3 weeks – with no chips (unless you’re super rough with your nails).

I immediately booked an appointment at The 10 Spot and got my first OPI Axxium gel manicure…and loved it! The curing process adds time to the process so the full mani lasted about one hour, but at the end, I could reach into my purse to grab my wallet and pay with completely dry nails! The gel really is durable and on top of that, it’s way more shiny than regular nail polish and comes in a variety of colours. At $50 a pop, this manicure isn’t cheap, but worth it for those who regularly get manicures. That said, I didn’t like the idea of relying on a professional service that costs so much on a regular basis, so I started researching DIY options…

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I have always loved Anthropologie and their sister stores the more affordable Urban Outfitters and the luxurious BLDHN, but since their dresses can be a little pricey (albeit super pretty), I generally stick to the more budget-friendly stores. Anthropologie is known for their unique collection of boho chic fashions, eclectic accessories and home furnishings.

Today I took the plunge and browsed their website for the first time in months and came across some serious stunners! Keep reading to see the dresses that I love…and wish I had never found!!! View Post

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