Gel Nail Art @ The 10 Spot

I’ve tried pretty much every kind of gel manicure there is, including the first gel formula by OPI called Axxium applied by the lovelies at The 10 Spot in Leslieville back in 2010. Gel polishes have come a long way in a short time – gone are the days of sticky formulas and harmful UV lights – the new class of gels are easy to apply and cure in 30 seconds with safe LED lamps!

OPI Axxium has now become OPI Gel Color and comes in regular nail polish bottles instead of little pots requiring a special brush. The formula is thinner and easier to apply which allows for nail technicians to get creative with gel NAIL ART!

Nail Art

Fun and colourful nail art has become so popular this year – everyone is doing it – but imagine having a nail art mani that lasts 3 weeks without chipping! I was thrilled when the ladies at The 10 Spot invited me in to try their Gel Nail Art services and one week later, I’m still enjoying my mani.

I enjoyed all the benefits of a regular manicure and then chose my gel colours and a design from the fun selection they offered. My skilled nail technician Christine is a pro at the half moon mani so I thought I’d try what she’s known for – but I’m sure she can do whatever designs you can dream up – in fact I even saw some Christmas trees and snowflakes for holidays!

Nail Art

Since gel manicures don’t chip, the only reason you’d want to remove them is because of the regrowth at the bottom of your nail. Christine wisely suggested using a light pink or nude colour for the bottom half so that regrowth would be virtually invisible! I chose a pale pink called Bubble Bath for the bottom and a rich holiday red called Malaga Wine for the top. I LOVE the combination and she was right – I can’t even see the regrowth yet! I’m betting this mani lasts me through the holiday season!

Nail Art

You can get an OPI Gel Color manicure at The 10 Spot for $50 and try some nail art add-ons ranging in price from $8-15 depending on whether you want an accent nail or full set. The price may seem steep, but remember that gel lasts up to 3 weeks so you’ll get a lot of wear out of this mani! Especially helpful over the holidays when we don’t have time to fix our nails!

Visit The 10 Spot to try OPI Gel Color nail art for yourself – the options are endless!



  1. Angie Cummings December 14, 2012 / 10:43 am

    Hey Nicole! Thanks for the amazing write-up. Just to let you know, our nail-art add ons range only up to $15 on top of the mani, not $20!
    Thanks again for coming in, and let me know how it holds up :)

    Angie Cummings
    Manager, The 10 Spot Leslieville

    • Nicole December 14, 2012 / 11:09 am

      Hi Angie! Thanks again for having me :) I love my mani!

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