FREE McCafé and Coffee Grams

Have you heard the news? FREE COFFEE is back at McCafé from February 29 – March 6! Celebrate the McCafé Free Coffee promotion by sending your loved ones a coffee gram for a small hot brewed coffee! With so many McDonald’s locations, it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you and a friend or loved one to catch up for a little coffee date. When it’s free, there’s no excuse! Who would you send a coffee gram to?


Coffee grams are super cute and easy to send! Simply visit to create your customized coffee gram. Pick a date to send it and share it via Twitter, Facebook or email. Don’t forget to use hashtag, #McCaféFreeCoffee to join the social conversation!

I don’t know about you, but McCafé coffee is hands-down my favourite one. It’s always hot, fresh and tastes great! Each cup of McCafé Premium Roast coffee is brewed with 100% Arabica beans, the best bean for a smoother taste and enticing aroma. Every McDonald’s location serves McCafé coffee in both regular and decaf and right now, your small coffee is FREE!


My fiancé and I work from home together every Wednesday, but we’re often too wrapped up with work to take a coffee break together. This Wednesday, I’m sending him this adorable McCafé coffee gram so that we can take a break at our nearest McDonald’s for a free small coffee.


Have you sent your McCafé coffee gram yet? The #McCaféFreeCoffee promotion starts nationwide today and ends on March 6. Don’t miss your chance to share a special moment with someone over a free small coffee!

Visit to get started.


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