My Dainty Dyson V6 Absolute

In the past year, I’ve moved from a 600 square foot condo, to a 1200 square foot townhouse, to a 2500 square foot detached home! Needless to say, I’ve finally found my dream home and I don’t want to move again anytime soon! With all of this extra space, cleaning takes quite a bit longer, but with my new Dyson V6 Absolute vacuum, cleaning the floors has never been so easy!


Vacuuming was always my household chore growing up. I think back to central vac with those heavy-duty hoses, stand up vacs with big awkward bags that were so messy to change, and those wheel-around vacs with cords that would get tangled around every corner. With the Dyson V6 Absolute cordless vacuum, those headaches are gone!

My new house has hardwood floors throughout with a few area rugs – the Dyson V6 Absolute makes it easy to switch between surfaces with the soft-roller cleaner head that picks up fine and large debris from hard floors, and a direct-drive cleaner head for removing ground-in-dirt from carpets. The HEPA filter captures allergens and produces exhaust air that’s even cleaner than the air you breathe – can’t say that for many vacuums!

dleese71mpiU2jH6L._SL1500_DysonV6AbsoluteInActionNeed to clean hard to reach places? The Dyson V6 Absolute has an extendable hose for tall areas and it converts from a stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum, giving you the flexibility to clean your car or do other small jobs where you can’t use a larger vacuum. It also comes with various tools for cleaning corners, mattresses, upholstery and stubborn pet hair.

I LOVE that it’s cordless! A single change gives me 20 minutes which is just the right amount of time to vacuum my entire house. I used to hate changing bags and filters but the Dyson V6 Absolute features a bagless hygienic dust bin that empties with the push of a button. The wall mount makes it easy to store and charge my Dyson V6 Absolute in between cleans.

Learn more HERE. I would highly recommend picking up the Dyson V6 Absolute if you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner – it’s hands down the best one I’ve ever used and makes cleaning my house a breeze! Plus, it’s pretty dainty isn’t it? You can buy it at Best Buy, Canadian Tire. Home Depot, Walmart and many other home retailers.


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