As someone who works full time from home, I make my own coffee each morning and as I previously wrote about, I make my own smoothies for lunch. I save tons of money compared to my days working in an office and buying my breakfast and lunch each day, but sometimes I miss the luxury of a latte or espresso based morning beverage. Sure, I can get into my car to go get one, and sometimes I do for the opportunity to step away from my desk for a little break, but most of time, I settle for homemade drip coffee. Until now! My friends at Nespresso graciously sent me a brand new Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo coffee maker as a housewarming gift! Needless to say, it looks great in my new kitchen and my hubby-to-be and I have been loving it!


I used to think Nespresso machines could only make espresso shots and that didn’t appeal to me because I prefer a tall coffee or latte. The new Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo machine makes both! I purchased some regular coffee capsules as well as some espresso capsules to give me the ultimate variety right in the comfort of my own home.

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My fiancé and I recently moved from a two bedroom townhouse to a four bedroom detached home in Toronto. While we were thrilled with the idea of upgrading to a bigger home, we weren’t so excited about the process of moving. Enter Jiffy


Of course there’s an app for that! Jiffy offers easy home services on demand. When we determined our moving date, we simply launched the Jiffy app, searched on “moving” and entered our moving date. Within one click, Jiffy searched their inventory of reputable Toronto-based moving companies until they found one that could provide service on the date requested. Within 5 minutes, I had a confirmation email in my inbox with the name of the moving company and an approximate price quote. Easy peasy!

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When I used to work downtown, the “PATH” or shopping concourse was both a convenience and a curse. I would start my day in the food court with a breakfast sandwich and a tea or coffee, and I would have some sort of fast food for lunch. Sure, there were healthier options, but there were only so many $12 salads that I could afford! I probably spent $2500 a year on coffees and lunches and I worked downtown for 10 years – CRAZY! For the past three years, ever since I started working from home, I make myself a smoothie every weekday for lunch. Not only has this been an economical choice for me, but a super healthy one too!

IMG_0887My signature smoothies always include a variety of fresh or frozen fruits, spinach and yogurt, among other things that I find at my local health food store. When I heard about the new iögo large yogurt pouches, I was thrilled because they’re perfect for someone who goes through as much yogurt as I do!

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Have you heard the news? FREE COFFEE is back at McCafé from February 29 – March 6! Celebrate the McCafé Free Coffee promotion by sending your loved ones a coffee gram for a small hot brewed coffee! With so many McDonald’s locations, it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you and a friend or loved one to catch up for a little coffee date. When it’s free, there’s no excuse! Who would you send a coffee gram to?


Coffee grams are super cute and easy to send! Simply visit to create your customized coffee gram. Pick a date to send it and share it via Twitter, Facebook or email. Don’t forget to use hashtag, #McCaféFreeCoffee to join the social conversation!

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Christmas is only 9 days away and I’m sure we all have a few new tech goodies on our holiday wish list or shopping list! Sometimes it’s not just a new device we’re coveting, but perhaps some unique accessories that make our devices more fun and functional! Whatever you do for work or play, Best Buy Mobile has what you need to stay connected.

Best Buy Mobile

Did you know that Best Buy has more than 50 stand-alone Best Buy Mobile stores across Canada? They offer one-stop shopping for devices and accessories, with a selection of wireless service providers to compare and choose from. I’d like to give my iPhone a new look for 2016, so I checked out Best Buy Mobile for some new cases – keep reading to see my wish list!

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