Boxed Water #ReTree for the Planet

I’ve never been one to struggle with meeting the recommended daily water intake (10-11 cups) – I just love water! I’m fortunate enough to have a really awesome fridge that pours filtered water to avoid waste with my daily water consumption. That said, when I do have to buy water, I try to avoid plastic water bottles. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just partnered with Boxed Water as their newest Ambassador!


Boxed Water is a socially conscious packaged-water company that is re-thinking the way water is sold, shipped and consumed. As an alternative to bottled water, they reduce the use of non-renewable resources and plastic waste with their paper-based packaging. The Boxed Water box is made from 74% paper that comes from well-managed forests and the entire carton is recyclable and 100% BPA free!

In addition to this eco-conscious packaging, Boxed Water is also triple filtered for purity using reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and UV systems. They take great care with their shipping practices too! Cartons are shipped flat to their plants to be filled and once filled, their rectangular shape reduces shipping waste compared to round bottles. Boxed Water is actively engaged in the recycling industry to develop creative ways to repurpose their boxes, including wallboard for building structures.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Boxed Water is the way they give back to our planet. As a member of 1% For the Planet, Boxed Water commits at least one percent of their total annual sales to reforestation. AND here’s where you come in – for every photo of Boxed Water posted with the hashtag #ReTree, Boxed Water will plant two trees! Isn’t that amazing? So far, they’ve planted over 200,000 trees and they hope to reach one million by the year 2020.


Let’s help them make that happen! Share your photos of Boxed Water with #ReTree today. Boxed Water is available at Loblaws and Sobeys stores in Canada.






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  1. Alexander Plouffe July 16, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    Boxed water makes me feel so fancy, and I’m so happy to hear how environmental the intiative is! Plus drinking out of plastic water bottles is not great for the body. Love the blog!!!

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