NEW: Bondex Anti-Breakage System

It’s summer time and many of us like to lighten our locks for that sun-kissed glow. No matter how talented and wonderful your hair colour professional is, your hair will inevitably suffer some damage through the colouring process. What if I told you that there’s a new product out there that will actually leave your hair feeling healthier after colouring than it did before?

Meet Bondex by Hair Treats – the Anti-Breakage System for your hair.

NEW: Bondex Anti-Breakage System

Bondex is a unique product enhancer infused with Anti-Breakage System (ABS) Technology which actually creates and repairs broken bonds from chemical hair services – preventing damage before it can even start! Ummm…where do I sign up?!

Bondex is intended for in-salon use, so contact your salon to see if they’re using it before your next colour appointment! Thankfully, the pros at my favourite salon, Medulla & Co. are already on the ABS train so when I booked myself in for a little summer ombre refresh, I couldn’t wait to reap the Bondex benefits!

First, Bondex Builder is added to your colour as it’s being mixed. My lovely colourist Carolyn applied the colour as usual and the addition of Bondex didn’t impact the processing time at all.

NEW: Bondex Anti-Breakage System

Gotta love the foil monster selfie!

After the colour had processed, my hair was rinsed, shampooed and then the Bondex Intensifier was applied and left to soak for five minutes (just like the gloss they usually apply afterwards). Once that was done, my hair was rinsed and styled and I could immediately feel the difference. My stylist Kelly commented on how soft my hair felt too – shiny, bouncy and full of life!

NEW: Bondex Anti-Breakage System

I love my new lighter hair colour and I’m so happy that it hasn’t damaged my hair. Bondex adds elasticity, strength and suppleness for long lasting shine and health that doesn’t fade. They also sent me home with the Bondex Maintainer conditioner for weekly use at home – it’s amazing stuff that keeps my colour healthy and shiny longer than ever before!

I highly recommend requesting the Bondex add-on at your next colour, perm or chemical straightening appointment – you’ll notice the difference immediately and in the long term. If your salon doesn’t have it – ask them to order it – their customers will thank them!

Big thanks to Carolyn and Kelly at Medulla & C0. for the amazing services as usual! xo


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