The BeachMint Empire

We’re all familiar with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – aka the Olsen Twins. Whether you know them from their childhood roles on the popular sitcom Full House, or you’re familiar with their wildly popular clothing lines – these household names are more than just pretty faces – they are multi-million dollar fashion moguls! Gone are the days of Danny Tanner and Uncle Jessie…these girls have taken over the fashion scene and established a solid presence as stylistas!

What started out as a tween clothing line at Walmart has turned into various lines for different styles and budgets and some amazing customized shopping memberships…

Most recently, they launched Beachmint, the parent company for some exciting new membership based lines with new releases every month:

  • StyleMint: T-shirts designed by the Olsen twins
  • JewelMint: Jewellery line with Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter
  • ShoeMint: Shoes with Rachel Bilson, stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden
  • BeautyMint: Skincare system with Jessica Simpson and expert Nerida Joy

Our favourite celebrity fashionistas have joined the Mint sorority and it’s easy to see why! Each of these innovative progams allows you to take a visual quiz and presents you with a customized showroom just for you each month! There’s no obligation to buy and you can request to “see more” if the recommendations provided don’t suit your fancy on the first try. You can tell the Mint system what you don’t like about certain pieces and it will learn your preferences before it sends you next month’s selections. It’s so much fun!

The prices are consistent on each site; for example, all T-shirts on StyleMint are $29.99 and all jewellery on JewelMint is $39.99, etc. Once you make your first purchase online, you have signed up for the monthly membership. Going forward, on the first day of each month, you will receive a new collection via email.

If you don’t like the items that month, you can skip it and your credit card will not be charged. If you don’t skip it, your card will be charged (same consistent price point) and your account will be credited. You can use that credit for something in that month’s collection or future collections within one year.

The idea of a membership that charges me every month kind of scares me, but it’s so easy to “skip it” and if I forget to, there’s always something on the site that I’ll like – the collections are customized for me after all! I haven’t made any first purchases yet (so haven’t committed to the memberships) but it was fun to take the quizzes and see the results. I’m looking forward to receiving my unique recommendations each month and when I’m ready to make a purchase, I will!

Check out the results I got from each Mint site:

StyleMint – Comfy and casual t-shirts with my style in mind! Love the Selby Skirt!

JewelMint – An eclectic collection of jewellery far different than what I can find in stores!

I actually just bought by first JewelMint piece last week – the Arabian Nights Bracelet! Because it was my first purchase, I got 50% off too! I can’t wait to receive it – I’ll share photos :)

ShoeMint – This one really impressed me…I love these shoes, especially the yellow pair!

BeautyMint – Doubt I’ll buy these, I’m loyal to Dermalogica, but it was fun anyway!

I totally encourage you to sign up for these fun and innovative programs to see what all the buzz is about. Even if you never buy anything or commit to a membership, the monthly emails can give you some great ideas based on your personal style/skin analysis! Take those ideas shopping with you or support the BeachMint empire…the choice is yours!

Have fun!

PSSSST – The next BeachMint brand coming soon is HomeMint. Justin Timberlake is the latest celeb to join the Mint team and he partners with his good friend, decorator Estee Stanley, to offer amazing discounts on home decor. I’m so excited to be a HomeMint Ambassador, with VIP access to shop the site before the official launch, plus insider news on the collection, and more! You can get early access too! Sign up HERE.


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